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“"The salon provides its customers with an all-inclusive service, consisting of beauty treatments for both hair and body, thanks to an experienced team of beauticians.”



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Taking care of yourself helps you feel good about yourself as Andrea Viglietti Hairstyling helps her clients achieve their dreams by making the impossible possible for them, pampering each one with personalized treatments.

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The Andrea Viglietti Hairstylists Salon loves to offer complete aesthetic care to all its customers, ranging from the hair all the way to feet, thanks to the presence of an highly experienced staff of hair-dressers and beauticians. There is plenty of positive feedback coming from those who had the pleasure of being treated by the skilled hands of Andrea Viglietti and his staff. Below are some of the statements extracted from our many testimonials.

  • Always having perfect and tidy hair? Only a miracle could get that done! ... Read the article:
  • I visit the salon often not only for my haircare, but also for using the beauty services it provides, so I will usually enjoy a great manicure and pedicure during an hairstyling session.
  • I often use the mastery of the Andrea Viglietti Hairstylists salon, where I have always received innovative treatments which have made my hair resistant and shiny, like the Olaplex treatment which managed to restore my damaged hair to its former glory.
  • I visited Andrea Viglietti's Hairstylists salon because I was after a particularly eccentric look for one specific night. Thanks to the pigments treatment I was able to get some really beautiful shades of pink, and it was a great success at the party.